Wrecking Crew NES

The cover art for the NES's Wrecking Crew!

Wrecking Crew is an action-puzzle launch title released for the NES in 1985 by Nintendo. This is one among the games that actually follows the adventures of Mario and Luigi, but instead of plumbing, they return to the construction sites where they must destroy the remains of buildings while working around the dangerous creatures that lurk among them. They achieve their goal through climbing up ladders (the heavy hammers make it impossible to jump), and destroying all the breakable items on the screen without getting hit. Once all breakables are destroyed, the stage is completed and a new one starts.

The reason I became interested in this game was because I found myself thinking about early Mario games, and how one game was about Mario and Luigi wreaking havoc with hammers. I looked it up and found out that strangely enough, it was called "Wrecking Crew," so I decided to play it and see if it was any fun.

It took some practice at first, but the idea is simple, as are the controls. Don't be fooled, though; this game is challenging in the way that some of the breakable structures are up on platforms that can't be jumped onto; they must be fallen straight down on. This means that you have to take a very strategic approach and plan out your path to make sure you don't get yourself stuck with the wandering enemies, because once you miss the boat, you've practically lost a life already.

I have to admit that I really like this kind of gameplay! Sure, it can definitely be frustrating at times, but I never find myself liking games, especially puzzle games, that are so straightforward that you just have to take the time out of your life to pass through the stage. In this one, you have to be really thoughtful about the way you go forward, or otherwise you trap yourself.

The whole setup may sound really unfair, but the point is that you make it a fair game by making a plan and knowing your enemy. You have to admit, the whole "slippery slope" format seems really exciting to work with!

The only real complaint I have about this game is the fact that the stages are in the same order, and since there's really one safe way of getting through each of them, it may get monotonous trying to get to the later levels. Basically, it's the kind of thing that's meant to be played by those who appreciate it for what it is, and not so much to kill time.

So, I'd test the game out online first, and if you just fall in love with it, then by all means, use the 500 Wii Points and get it for the VC! It's a great investment for a great game.