Super Mario Bros. 3

This is the original box art for Super Mario Bros. 3.

SMB3 Giant Land

Gameplay screenshot.

Super Mario Bros. 3 is my favorite SNES game of all time. In fact, it is my favortie SNES Mario game of all time. It ranks above the rest to me. To get started I want to talk about the items. The items are wild and crazy in all the Mario games. This game helped revolutionize items in games. I personally love the Tanooki leaf. As crazy as it is, it never makes gamers laugh. I like the idea of Mario flying through the air as a Tanooki suit and I'm glad they brought it back in Super Mario 3D Land. I also like the fact that you can hold on to your items and use them when you like to get ahead. (Getting ahead is everything in the gaming world. World 3 to be exact.) I often find myself in need of a Super Mushroom every once in a while and think. I'll just use my saved up bank of items. (Most of the time I've already used them.) The next thing in this game that I'd like to point out is the graphics. Super Mario Bros. started the whole thing so I'll give it a break. To me, Super Mario Bros. 2 had funky graphics. So a winner is.... Super Mario Bros. 3. The graphics in this game help you feel the movement and make you feel more at home as you kick Koopas like a football. (Take that goomba.) The graphics of a game make it feel good to play so a game with bad graphics is no fun, no matter how good the gameplay or story is. Lastly I think this game is different from the others and makes it a good role model for not only other games, but other games in the Mario franchise. It founded the Tanooki leaf, the airships battles, and the Koopalings to boot. I think this game gets a 10 for its era of gaming.