Super Mario Bros. is a SNES game that started the big adventure theme with the Mario franchise. Although I'm not much of a NES or SNES player because I don't have one, I love this game. For a game of its time it is very well put together. There are others of its kind, but few sidescrolling platformer of this era can match this quality. For gamers who have never played anything, but Super Mario Galaxy or MW3 this will seem like a sappy old guy's game. It is the complete opposite. If you want a challenge try this game. When you lose all your lives (and see that horrible GAME OVER screen) you are prompted to start over from the begining of the game. You heard me children. The complete beggining. The first level. Not so sappy anymore is it. Besides sappy this game can aggreeably seem weird. Walkin mushrooms and evil turtles is what you may encounter. (Beat the game and the goombas are replaced by buzzy beetles.) I also like the fact that the music in this game matches the scenery of each level! What better song than the wonderful underwater theme? Who could forget Bower's Castle theme? The composer created these songs to go right along with this game. No doubt about it. The next thing that stands out to me is the boss battles. I know what you're thinking. Who cares about boss battles? If you look at our boss battles today...they're unique aren't they? That's the thing with these boss battle. For the time of video game when Mario appeared....boss battles had no flare at all. In fact, there were hardly any boss battles around back then. This game was complete inovation. Video game creators. Lend me your ears. There has yet to be a franchise as unique as this. Get to work. Strive to create the next generation of gaming. There is no other game character recognized as much as Mario. If you can do what Shigiru Miyamato did. You would be a great video game creators. Thank you.