Sky Destroyer

I didn't think box art would be quite right for this review photo, so I instead added Sky Destroyer's title screen.

Sky Destroyer is a game that was released by Taito Corporation in 1985 for the family console, namely the NES. It's really a very simple game. Although it is a 3D format, it's a side-to-side shooter game where you control a monoplane and defeat varying enemies to advance.

The first time I played Sky Destroyer was on a Power Joy (given me in part by my grandfather who just passed away, so this is a bit of an honoring of him), and I would play it all the time with my uncle because you could just spend tons of time gunning down opponents.

I ended up finding out that this game was released for the NES as well, and since I have great memories of it, I thought I'd do a nice simple review for it.

The game has a very interesting format, and the graphics for the time are actually excellent considering the time period. It kind of takes an N64 style in the way that your plane basically stays in place, but the planes just get closer, which is really cool considering the fact that this was for the NES. Yeah, that's what the primitive age was, how did they pull that off?

In fact, it's by far easier controlling the game with an N64-style controller, in that it's so similar, it's way too stiff playing with a D-Pad. If you can play it with an analog stick, though, it's some of the most fun you'll ever have, because it's really ahead of its time.

Now, you may get the impression, somehow, that this game will be straightforward after a while, but it's really not. The challenging element is always there, because not only will normal planes be coming at you constantly (in waves, but you know what I mean), but there will be more powerful ones that you have to take down, too.

This game is a total gem, and was a harbinger of the era of gaming greatness that came along with the N64. However, it's complicated playing the game with a D-Pad due to just this similarity (I don't even know whether to call it ironic, or bittersweet, or what...), so it's best played with an analong stick in my opinion. Although if you are comfortable with the game D-Pad style, great for you. I do, definitely recommend trying it, because it is really just a remarkable game and will remain a big part of gaming history.