Pokemon Snap is a game that allows you take pictures of numerous Pokemon from different angles to earn points. You travel through different stages and make an album of all the pictures you've collected. The final stage and mission is to take a picture of Mew.

When I was little a family freind had this game. I have always liked Pokemon so it was a great and magnificent game to me at that time. Because of that, I wanted to obtain that game later in life. I eventually got it and I still have it today. It is alot of fun. I don't play it as often as I used to, but it is still very valuable to me. The first reason that I like it is that it flows. You don't have too much or too little time to take a picture of each Pokemon. They give the perfect amount of time it takes to get a good picture. The only time that doesn't happen is when you have a rarer Pokemon to take a picture of. So that's fair. My next reason for loving this game is the way the Pokemon graphics are. The N64 had polygonal figures for most of its games. So really these Pokemon sprites are better than most game sprites of that time. I especially like the graphics for Vileplume, Snorlax, and Mew. Also the gameplay is very cool. If you want to stun a Pokemon you throw a Stun Ball at them. This will hold them a little longer than normal. Sometimes it even makes them do special things. Such as throwing a Stun Ball at a certain Bulbasaur it will turn back into a Ditto. You can throw an apple to make some Pokemon be happy. Closer to the end of the game you can even put the brakes on your rolling machine. So the machanics of the game are pretty inovative. So you can see the reasons I like this game very easily. If you have a N64 I suggest looking this game up and trying to get it. It is good for a fan of Pokemon and will please you all the way through the game.