Kirby's Adventure

This is the box art for Kirby's Adventure, for the NES. This is the first title in the series, and a masterpiece.

Kirby's Adventure is a game released for the NES that is the first ever title in the Kirby series, and which follows Kirby through his quest to repel King Dedede's forces and save Dreamland.

Now if you are a regular observer of my reviews, you'll have noticed that I didn't name the console that Kirby's Adventure is on. This is because I don't actually own the game. I've only played trial versions and played on using Java. However, this is bar none the best Kirby game I've ever played.

Now you might think, "How could this be?? You must be insane! The first title, the best? No no!" Well, maybe not exactly that. However, I have an answer: it makes perfect sense for this to be a fantastic title because as the first one ever released, it classically captures what the style of playing Kirby is all about. The level design is cute and fun, the enemies are challenging (far more than in the later titles), and the power-ups are insanely cool and awesome to use. It's an enjoyable yet tactical and skill-warranting title that makes you want to play it more and more.

Let me just go and detail exactly what my favorite is of these things: the power-ups. This game has a power-up for basically anything you can imagine. There's Fire, Lightning, Mega Jump, Roller, Stone, Ice, Zapper, Parasol(?), Sword, Tornado, Sound Blast, Hammer and my personal favorite, LASER! 'Pyoo, pyoo pyoo, BOOM!' And it doesn't even end there, I don't think! There are probably a bunch more that I'm not even getting! This makes it really cool to just blast your way through the levels and destroy enemies, and I like that they aren't really the softball enemies they throw at you in Kirby's Dream Land 3, but rather tricky enemies that require real strategy to beat.

On top of this, this is an NES title, so all you need to purchase it is 500 Wii Points! It is for this reason that I believs this is one of the greatest possible investments you can ever make on the Wii Shop Channel (along with The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Bros. 3) and I recommend a buy completely.