The PS2 box art for Jeopardy!(?)

Jeopardy! is a 2003 PS2 game based directly (almost ridiculously so) after the very popular and well known TV show Jeopardy! that aires every weekday.

The game works in just the same way as the TV show: you answer questions of varying difficulty on certain categories to gain more and more money. Occasionally, someone will land on a Daily Double question that allows a player to bet a certain amount of money on their getting a question right. The game has two rounds: Jeopardy and Double Jeopardy, with a Final Jeopardy question at the end that allows someone to potentially double the money in their bank. Whoever earns the most money by the end is the winner of the game.

The similarity of this game to the show is exactly the reason why I'm mixed about it. I got this game for my dad for his birthday once (since I was little and I thought it was "adult"), and we hardly played it at all. However, this is not due to any failing of the game; in fact, it worked reasonably well. The big problem was that there was just nothing exciting about it.

It would have been nice if there had been some kind of deviant twist to the game, like being able to use Daily Doubles to detract from your opponents' scores, but it just stayed the same. What's more is that the game only has a single form, so the questions will inevitably repeat and the game will become thoroughly pointless.

The one great aspect about this game though, is the fact that you can actually have your own experience of playing Jeopardy!, so for those big fans of the series (who must be existent in droves by now, really), they would probably really enjoy it. Plus, there have been different versions of this game, I believe, so those who have PS3s or even Wiis can now play it, but those are different games.

Anyway, for those of you who are not super fanatics of the series, or who kind of like it but prefer watching it on your TV, I'd say just watch the TV show instead of get this game. However, if you like Jeopardy!, and have a TV and PS2, but don't get Jeopardy on your cable, I guess you might like this game.