The PS2 box art for the Universal-created Hulk.

Hulk is one of the many games following the ever-intimidating Hulk (gee, I wonder how they came up with a name for this game), as interpreted from the 2003 film Hulk (man, I just can't put my finger on it!), starring Eric Bana, in which Dr. Bruce Banner becomes assaulted by gamma radiation which causes him to become an enormous, powerful green superhuman who becomes active in periods of Banner's high blood pressure, stress, and anger, and who becomes stronger the higher these amounts get. This form of Banner, known as the Hulk (oh, now I see why!) is subsequently pursued by the U.S. military forces led by Lieutenant Colonel Ross, whose daughter, Betty, is the Hulk's love interest (this is one nutty idea).

I remember getting this game for one of my birthdays during the days when I was still in kindergarten (hey, I wasn't effected by older-kids games and I enjoyed them), and I saw it as being almost limitlessly fun. There's not much of a replayability factor of the game, no tokens or items to collect, but rather the levels were just so much fun to play!

There is a particular reason for this, and it lies mainly with the cheat codes that you can enter in the main menu, or in the cheat terminals found within some levels (in fact, some have to be entered there). These included everything from invincibility, to one-hit defeats, to a different, gray, and talking version of the Hulk. These, especially ivnicbility, made certain levels just fun to go into and wreck everything to see how cool you could make it look when the Hulk was beating the living bejezzus out of his enemies. For this reason, I had a lot of fun with the game.

Plus, just because there's not a ton of extra replayability, that doesn't mean there's low content. The levels in this game are many and varied, and given the relatively low resources availabile to you, you'll find it an interesting challenge trying to actually beat the game. There's also an interesting little mode (where you can apply codes if you wish) that you can activate to just clobber consistent waves of enemies, perhaps to let out some penned-in frustration.

It's for these reasons that I have a high opinion of this game, and if you have a PS2, I'm going to recommend a rent at the least, or if you enjoy the game, a definite buy.