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Second-newest in the line of Infinity Ward's Call of Duty games, enter, Modern Warfare 2!

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Though plagued by post-release problems and the agonising fact for P.C. players that servers were to be dropped in return for the Console way (A player is chosen as the host and if his internet fails, your one does as well.), this game was a Tactical Nuke (hehehe, MW2 joke :P) on the gaming world.

The largest CoD release (And I believe largest EVER before Black Ops) before Black Ops, MW2 continues on from the original Modern Warfare, as Task Force 141 continue to hunt Makarov down.

After a few missions, a massacre occurs in Zakhaev Airport in Moscow, done by Makarov and the Inner Circle in which a CIA operative participated (It's rather idiotic how they didn't order PFC Allen to kill Makarov and his men but oh, well, anything for World War 3 :D) and which the U.S. are blamed for, Russia invades the United states on both sides of the coast.

From there on, you play on both sides of the campaign, hunting Makarov down as Roach in Task Force 141 while battling off the Ruskies as PVT. James Ramirez. The campaign is rather awesome but why, oh, why does every CoD game have an ending that isin't as good as the actual game?

MW2's special mode is a sorta Beta-Version of Spec-Ops. The only accessible things are around around 20/30 missions based on points in the Campaign. However, it is rather fun for a short period of time, can be played with 2 players and online and is also a LOT better than nothing. However, for the true Spec-Ops experience, try out Modern Warfare 3's version.

The multiplayer is an advanced version of the original MW's type, and also (At the time) the first CoD game to have more than the regular 3, 5, 7 Killstreak line (The game having Killstreaks at Points 3,4,5,6,7,9(( I Believe )), 11, 12, 18 and 25). It is also the first CoD game to have Pro perks, as well as only having 2 DLC (Compared to 3 for WAW and 4 for Black Ops) packs.

Ratings :-)

Singeplayer: 9/10: Fun but a rather sad ending and horrific scenes in No Russian.

Spec-Ops: 7/10: Modest but suffers from low replayability.

Multiplayer: 10/10: The EPIC CoD engine returns in this sequel to the original MW.

Overall: 9/10: A generally high-level game that suffered from post-release problems and a rather sick mission.

thumb|500px|left|Some epic gameplay of one of the Campaign missions (The first US Army one after No Russian)thumb|left|500px|Some rather slow paced but still good MW2 TDM gameplay on Sub-Base.

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