CoD Black Ops cover

The Cover Art for Black Ops.

The game before MW3 and Treyarch's greatest yet, with redefined zombies and a totally new Callsign layout and customization, welcome.... to Call of Duty: Black Ops!

Overall Views

Black Ops is a very varied game, looking at it's game modes. It has the almighty Call of Duty Multiplayer system, regular Singeplayer campaign and Treyarch's bonus mode, Zombies (Infinity Ward has Spec-Ops from MW2 Onwards). Let's start with Singeplayer. The campaign follows Alex Mason as he is interrogated by the CIA to find the location of a "Numbers Station". The missions in the campaign are mostly flashbacks triggered off by Mason and the interrrogators as they try to find out where the Station is.

The campaign is played mostly in the Vietnam War (1968-ish) but with one mission at the end of World War II (Involving a certain SGT. Victor Reznov).

It is an amazing campaign which grips you until the last mission and makes you come back to it.

Now for the utterly awesome Zombies. The objective of Zombies is to survive as long as you can in a confined space with an infinite horde of zombies attempting to eat you for lunch. You start off with nothing but a pistol, but you can equip yourself with some of the more advanced weapons and even some Alien (Elemental) guns. You have a variety from Shotguns to Machine Guns, Assault Rifles, Rocket Launchers (1) and other weaponry.

The Multiplayer is as good as ever, with many new and never-before seen guns in the series (And that includes MW3, which is the newest CoD game) and new factions. The Killstreaks have changed around a tad but the essence of the game still stays the same, WIN at all costs.

Ratings :)

Singleplayer: 9/10: Amazing story and fantastic missions, but the ending is rather dull/stupid compared to the rest of the campaign (This seems to be a thing with CoD games.)

Zombies: 10/10: Absolutely fantastic fun to play and very competitive.

Multiplayer: 10/10: The top-notch CoD Multiplayer Engine is pushed to the limit with Black Ops, which also has some very good Callsign/Avatar customization features.

Overall: 10/10: A brilliant game with barely any problems and for a player looking to seep into the background of the CoD series, I totally reccommend it.

thumb|500px|left|Some TDM gameplay online with the Chopper Gunner killstreak included.thumb|500px|left|A rather elite couple of players playing online zombies. This video shows how fun it can get in the higher levels and also how tough.

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