Boom Blox

This is the Wii box art for the first ever Boom Blox.

Boom Blox is a puzzle / shooter type video game released in 2008 and produce by EA in association with famed film director Steven Spielberg. The game essentially consists of throwing, destroying, grabbing, and shooting blocks and other structures in order to win medals in each level. The game has Explore modes based on each of the main block types, as well as 4 Story modes that tell different stories about different characters and involve different types of gameplay.

I specifically wanted to rent this game once, and I really enjoyed it because I love frantic explosions in video games, and yet it's not violent so much as it is whimsical and funny. The game also requires quite a bit of gaming skill due to the various different types of gameplay, which can range from strategic destruction to Jenga-like games.

For my 30th review, I thought I would do this game because it's a big hit and also an old favorite of mine. It really is a cool experience in the way that you have to evaluate which blocks to destroy or manipulate in order to win a Gold medal. You can also get Silver or Bronze (or less) if you don't manage to get good enough results in the level. However, you can always revise your standing in a level as you go along through the game.

The game also has its own level builder, but it's way better in the sequel because there are more functions and the characters don't die when hit, however the builder can definitely be fun if you like it and can get the hang of it. The big problem physically with it is the fact that it's somewhat loose; you have to aim very precisely. It would have been nicer if the whole thing was maneuverable with the D-Pad, as that would have made everything a lot smoother.

This game also has a Party Mode where you and four players can go against each other on a splitscreen or by taking turns. I also hear that this mode has a ton of levels; plus, I actually have explored it a little bit and it's pretty fun. Based on how incredibly fun and frantic the main game is, you'll probably have infinite fun playing this mode with friends.

This is really a fantastic game, a definite classic as Wii games go. However, the game's content is really pretty low; not that it isn't incredible, but yoou'll probably be just about finished with it in a week or a week and a half. However, if you and your friends and family have a weekend or more to just hang out, you should totally rent this game if you like great multiplayer and fast-paced, exciting gameplay.