Battlefield 1943 Coverart

The Cover Art used for BF1943 (For promotion/ads)

(MINI REVIEW. This means that it is a shortened review due to the fact that the game is small.)

So here we have Battlefield 1943, a P.C. game converted to consoles and available in the Xbox Live Arcade or Playstation Store and a delight to fans of vintage Battlefield. Welcome...... to the Pacific!

Overall Views

Overall, BF1943 is historical BF3 in a nutshell. There are 4 maps (Wake Island, Iwo-Jima, Guadalcanal and Coral Sea - Air only-) and 3 Kits: Infantryman (Comprising of an SMG, Rocket Launcher and other items), Rifleman (Comprising of a Rifle, Grenade Launcher, Bayonet and other items) and Scout (Comprising of a Sniper, Sword/Katana and other items).

You can fly two planes (The ground airfield unlocks a third) on either side and boy, is that some fun! You are armed with 4 Coaxial MG's and Bombs which drop in pairs. Air combat can get furious as the fighters of the Imperial Japanese Navy and United States Marine Corps battle for air superiority, while a trio of bombers comes in from a bombing run. The bombing run fails and the ground forces on your side are trapped and you have a plan. You take your wingman and bomb the area, damaging the tanks and wounding the enemies enough that the outnumbered allies can take 'em on and win.

The air combat gets even more furious in Coral Sea, an air only map with up to TWENTY-FOUR (I need to play again to check) planes fighting for control of the skies in a wonderful natural landscape.

This is just a wonderful thing with these Battlefield games nowadays......

NOTE: There is no Singeplayer and this game is download only for around £7.99/$9.99 (US), so I do reccomend this for some utterly awesome vintage Battlefield (Summer 2009).

Ratings :D

Tutorial: 10/10: Gives very good information on how to fight in the true game.

Multiplayer: 9/10: Amazing but one game mode only can get boring at times...

Overall: 9.5/10: A brilliant game that suffers in low replayability (SOMETIMES, though.)

thumb|500px|left|A video that shows what Battlefield is made for: Teamwork, and at its best.thumb|500px|left|Some commentated gameplay on Guadalcanal.

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